Events listing policy

This website provides a free business event listing service. Unless otherwise stated, the Exeter Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses is not responsible for and does not sponsor or benefit from any third party events published on this site.

Event organisers are entirely responsible for any charges that they levy and the organisers of this website do not derive any fee for posting the events.

For an event to be listed it should:

  • Be an event that is designed to attract other business attendance from the business community.
  • Have a business to business purpose.

This website is moderated and events submitted that do not fulfil or appear to fulfil these criteria will not be published.

The acceptance of a listing of an event should not be considered to be an endorsement of that event by the Exeter Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses.

The Exeter Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses reserves the absolute right to decline to accept listing events which could be considered to be discriminatory, or about which there previously have been complaints.

If you submit an event to us and you also want to have images, PDFs, videos or website links on your event please contact us using this form.