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Damsels in Success

07530 705443||http://www.damselsinsuccess.co.uk/exeter/

Damsels in distress logoDamsels in Success Exeter is a monthly gathering of high vibrational women to inspire, energise and support you in creating the life of your dreams.

What is Damsels In Success (DIS)?

DIS is the leading transformational network for Women, supporting the modern woman to be all that she wants to be, whether she’s a female entrepreneur, secretly dreams of having her own business or wants to shine in her employed role.

Founded in 2008 by Lucie Bradbury who is a feminine potential expert. Lucie is passionate about women being allowed to live and work in a feminine way and creating the space for them to do exactly this.  “So many women have a dream but are held back by family commitments, financial constraints, lack of confidence and encouragement.”  By Damsels definition – having it all doesn’t mean doing it all.

The community expanded nationally in 2010 and is now in multiple locations across the UK.

Our Vision  – To pioneer a framework / blueprint for living that women and the planet are crying out for!  By not doing business like anyone else we will experiment and create a template for feminine leadership.

Our Mission – To change the way women live and work – so they experience ‘Success with Ease’ and ‘Success without the Sacrifice’

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