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The Best of Exeter

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thebestof Exeter promotes the best businesses in and around Exeter.
You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairdressers, and anything local. Well, here at thebestof we go out of our way to uncover the hidden gems of Exeter so that we can share them with you.

We’ve tapped into thousands of opinions in hundreds of local communities so you’ll find real people, writing real reviews, and sharing their knowledge and opinions with you. Every business that is featured on our Site has been visited and checked out by us – and recommended by other local people – so you can use them with confidence because we know that they truly are one of the best at what they do.

thebestof Exeter is a fun and engaging place for passionate and opinionated people to share the experiences that they’ve had with businesses across Exeter. We’re on a crusade to find and share the best that Exeter has to offer – and you can help.

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